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Using the Power of Communication Creating a Lifetime of Ability


Disability of any sort creates a myriad of unique challenges to participation in community.   Friends and family provide a vital network of support and assistance for meeting those challenges.

That network is vital managing the risks associated with the individual’s impaired functional capacity. 


Friendly conversation is the first step  in making vital connections with

  • Professionals
  • Mentors and Mentees
  • Neighbors

We employ Principles of Improvisation to cultivate amicable conversation.    We focus on 3 fundamentals of Vital Improv:

  • Have fun and relax - grins and giggles are vital
  • Take risks - try something that may not work
  • "Yes, and..." - add to the conversation

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Vitality in Action Foundation relies on the depth of expertise and education of our board of directors. From different walks of life and experience, our board provides the foundation with stability and accountability.

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In 2007, we created the Vitality in Action Foundation to offset the isolation that often accompanies disability.  Barrier Busters are individuals who help us break down the barriers through their actions


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