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vitality in Action FOUNDATION

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Our Mission is to

connect folks with disability

to Vital resources

Disability = CreateAbility

5 out of 6 folks living with disability are creatively enabled.

What We do

Vitality in Action Foundation is a mentoring program for friends to be vital participants in community activities.

  We manage vitality via our
3-Step Lively Habilitation Process

STEP 1 Improvisation for life
STEP 2 Barrier Busters Workshop
STEP 3 Organize CreateAbility neighborhoods

Friendship is Vital Action

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Become a member and build the community of friends who put their Vitality In Action.

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          WHO WE ARE


Essence Of vitality

Disability (functional impairment) imposes unique challenges and risks to our vitality.  Our families and the vital connections we have with 

  • professionals
  • mentors, and 
  • neighbors

aid in meeting those challenges and managing the risks associated with functional impairment.


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SandS' Vitality Model

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Barrier Busting Years


lasting Connections


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vitality in action

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