vitality in action foundation

A Foundation That Uses the Power of Communication Creating Ability for a Lifetime


We support and assist individuals in habilitating behaviors that capacitate the ability to meet the challenges we all face with thriving in our ever-changing life.

Disability of any sort creates a myriad of unique challenges to participation in community.  Friends and family provide a vital network of support and assistance for meeting those challenges.  That network is vital managing the risks associated with the individual’s impaired functional capacity. 

Step 1:  We employ techniques of improvisational theater to habilitate (train in) positive communication skills focusing on three vital objectives. 

  • Have fun and relax –giggles and grins are incredibly relaxing 
  • Take a risk – be willing to try something that doesn’t work 
  • Yes, and” – add to the Barrier Busting conversation 

Step 2:   Our improv exercises promote vital connections   

Step 3:   Develop a CreateAbility Culture that allows each individual to become a Barrier Buster and be vital contributors to neighborhood life. 

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